About Us

On March 20, 1988 an informal organizational meeting was held attended by Dixie McCauley, Ken Fenton, Judy Pikop. Ken Fritz. Cathy Pascal, Mary Stein, Alice Bender and Randy Roberts.

Officers were elected, dues discussed as well as meeting dates, matches and fund raisers. The new group called themselves Italian Greyhounds of Arizona.

In late 1989 early 1990 the group applied to AKC for status as a licensed club.  AKC suggested a name change for approval and the club changed their name to Valley of The Sun Italian Greyhound Club.

The first Sanctioned BOB match was held on October 24, 1992. There were 26 IG’s in conformation and 5 IG’s in obedience. The first licensed Specialty was held Friday November 8, 1996. The specialty had an entry of 61 IG’s.

The club has continued to have a Specialty every year since. Our current members participate in conformation, obedience, rally, agility and racing proving the versatility in the Italian Greyhound.

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